GPS Personal Tracking System

Ever wondered that one day you can actually able to track someone with the help of a palm size device. But yes it is actually happening now, all thanks to the Smart safety India; with the help of our GPS Personal Tracking Devices you can now you can keep a track on say, anybody.

The GPS Personal Tracking Systems and child tracker device that we have for you are subtle in size, and you just need to place them somewhere for example in the wallet, purse or backpacks and check in on your subject's location at any time you want. With the help of these tracking devices, you can actually get detailed travel reports, live updates and can also set gen fences alert which will alert you the moment your subject cross the predefined zone.

GPS Personal Tracking

When we notice the words GPS personal tracking and what comes to mind? A virtual security is net for those audacious spirits who set out to investigate nature? The powerless sentiment of a parent who has lost track of their child in a group? A stressed mate who fears what the most noticeably awful every time their accomplice is late in coming home? A business that simply needs to know whether the general populations they are paying to carry out a responsibility are really taking care of business? Whatever your requirements might be there is a personal GPS tracker planned explicitly to fit them.

The Latest Hi-Tech Personal GPS Tracking Device

New innovation brings better child tracker system and personal GPS tracking devices, ones that are convenient, very compact, and as time develops, devices that have longer and longer battery lives. Information is perhaps a standout amongst the most incredible weapons on earth, arm yourself with our personal GPS devices, and access an abundance of information... The combination of GPS satellites, Digital Cellular Data Networks, and the Internet alongside personal GPS tracking devices - will enable you to extract information. Information on the whereabouts of anybody or anything, continuously, day in and day out. Being uninformed is a relic of times gone by when GPS personal tracking devices are in your future!

What Is GPS Personal Tracking?

GPS personal tracking by SMART SAFETY INDIA is the capacity for any person to find another person, article or thing with the utilization of a device that gets information from the GPS satellite system in space. All ongoing personal GPS tracking systems incorporate some kind of transmitter - that at last sends this information back to the end client. The most well-known method of transmitting the information is back utilizing GPRS through a cell phone company supplier like AT&T or Sprint. Therefore, there are month to month membership expenses that the end client is in charge of similarly likewise with a mobile phone.

Some devices like the SPOT Personal Satellite Locater transmit its information back up to a satellite, which gets the information and transfers it and withdraw to earth. Regardless of whether you are worried about the prosperity of your little children, or might want to screen elderly relatives, might want to offer extra layers of security for your friends and family or relatives, a personal GPS tracking system has numerous utilizations in this day and age. We at Smart Safety India understood that we as Indian people get very emotional when it comes to our loved ones and can do anything to protect them. Mentioned below are some purposes for which you can use these personal tracking systems:

Track Your Children

Keeping in mind the rapid increase in the number of kidnapping cases, it is the high time to go for these tracking systems. As you know prevention is better than cure, the moment you saw your toddler is missing, you can just track the location where they are? On the off chance that your child is snatched probably the perpetrator will rapidly dispose of the child's PDA decreasing the shot that they can be tracked. Notwithstanding if your child has a little GPS personal tracking device on them their area will even now be transmitted to you and the experts. All of which expands the shot that your child will be found securely.

GPS Pets Tracking System

That is the reason we are here with these pet tracking devices so that you can track where there are can easily by just attacking the device to their collar and reach to them in meantime. Personal tracking devices are not shabby and by and large the littler the gadget the more costly it progresses toward becoming. Anyway it is difficult to put a cost on the wellbeing of your Pet and your sense security.

As you know we at Smart safety India not here to sell Our Products we are here to sell our customers a safety solution so that they can minimize or say avoid the happening of some unwanted events. All our devices are designed to offer our clients an utmost satisfaction level without spending making a hole in their pocket.


This is the key component of Smart Safety India personal GPS tracking device. It sends alerts progressively with the entire area subtleties of the device if a person that is in risk presses the SOS/freeze catch.

24 Hour History

Try not to have sufficient energy to track your companions, family, workers and additionally associates continuously?

Ongoing Tracking

Track your companions, family, workers and associates with the continuous tracking of Smart Safety India tracking devices. This element empowers you to track in the present time with correct area in a split second.

Speed Alerts

Set your own speed restricts and gets alerts at whatever point it achieves most extreme. You can profit by this component from the Smart Safety India tracking application. Get alerts right away and track every one of your companions, family, representatives and additionally associates.

Zone Alerts

Smart Safety India tracking application empowers you to make zones for tracking your companions, family, workers and also associates. It alerts you each time the concerned person enters/leaves the assigned territory.

Recuperate Offline GPS Data

This device has a one of a kind component to store offline GPS information, which implies it will store the tracking device areas notwithstanding when your device is offline (GPRS inaccessible and GPS accessible) and post the offline memorable date to disjoin as soon device is on the web and associated with GPRS.


With the capacity of waterproofing, this device furnishes considerably more advantages with its exceptional highlights. OTHER FEATURES

One Year Warranty

With the comprehension of our customers' stresses, we at Smart Safety India additionally comprehend their requirements, so we in like manner give a one year warranty. We firmly prescribe that these devices are expertly fitted by one of our own completely prepared fitters to offer the best unwavering quality.

Worldwide Applicability!!

The utilization of this device is worldwide. Regardless of your area you can follow every one of your representatives or your friends and family wherever you might be! You can even track your representatives, associates and all your friends and family. This device associates with a cell phone which thusly tracks the area of the device. Track them regardless of their situation and additionally your area.

Weightless and Discreet!!

When we express simple to utilize, simple to keep, we would not joke about this. With barely any weight, Smart Safety India devices are anything but difficult to keep in a pack, stash or attached with belt.

History Check!!

Watch out for all the history of your following devices. With the element of putting away 24 hours history, you can follow those in only one go.

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