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GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Delhi

Smart Safety india is not a name in the market; it is a “brand” when it comes to the best GPS Tracking System.

Smart Safety India is not a Word in the present; either it is a “Leading brand” when we think about the best GPS Tracking System, gps personal tracker, gps tracker for kids, gps bike tracking device, gps bike tracking system, gps navigation device for car and gps tracker for car. We have 7 years of experience behind us, but we have that thing which encourages us during our journey to provide service and products that have given a run for money to the global product also. We believe that it's not about the experience either it is matter of the work dedication that counts; it's the technology, vision, and skill that count. We have successfully got along with our customers just by being honest with our products and services. We are only trying to provider a satisfaction to customer base of thousands and millions behind us. Together with our commendable mentality to make magnificent quality GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Delhi and a fantasy to emerge as a worldwide victor, we have made a benchmark for the rest. Now we are established ourselves as a reputed company and name in present competitive time. We are leading GPS tracker device dealers in Delhi offering best service and deals for you.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems which we offer at Smart Safety India are inconspicuous in size, and one can hide it anywhere to track the location of the subject. We have a differing arrangement of different kinds of GPS tracking Device such as gps personal tracker, gps tracker for kids, gps personal tracking device with 2-way calling, two wheeler gps tracker price, gps bike tracking device, gps bike tracking system, vehicle tracking system in delhi noida Gurgaon india, gps tracker for car india and gps navigation device for car ranging from the passive tracker to active tracers and hybrid trackers so that our customers can choose the products which are best suitable to their needs and budget. We also offer our customer an opportunity to get fully customized GPS tracking devices for their bike, car, bus and any other vehicle. We take pride in guaranteeing that so as to remove the additional expense and give out stunning quality GPS tracker device, we have our in quality house group of very qualified proficient designers and specialists who perform 11 arranged quality test, ideal from the underlying stage till the last stage. In the quality process, our quality experts judge the quality across all levels of development of product so that there will be no shortcomings.GPS supplier in Delhi Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad Faridabad is now so much easy to get in touch with us.

Reduce Maintenance and Fuel Costs

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems are designed to allow the user to optimize and analyze the most efficient route leading to less vehicle maintenance and lower fuel cost. When your subject or say driver takes the most effective route you can save a lot of money on fuel with our gps navigation device for car in delhi india.

Instant SMS or Voice Call Alerts

In the case of happening of any event in your vehicle, our GPS car tracker Devices reports instantly. Through the installed vehicle tracking system in delhi india, an instant SMS or say Voice Call Alert will generate on your mobile phone or tablet.


Now you do not need to ask or keep a regular track on the movement of your fleet or vehicle; all GPS tracking device for trucks in India come with the facility of GEOfencing. With this facility, you can set GEOfence Alerts, which will notify you instantly whenever your subject enters or exits your pre-defined area.

Multipurpose Reports

Among all our contemporaries we take pride in having the GPS car tracking device, gps personal tracker, gps tracker for kids, gps personal tracking device with 2-way calling, two wheeler gps tracker price, gps bike tracking device, gps bike tracking system, vehicle tracking system in delhi india, gps tracker for car india, gps navigation device for car and Bike Tracking System that have the best reporting system all over Delhi India. One can calculate, analyze and prioritize the business operation with the help of our reports tools inbuilt in our devices.

Know Advantages of GPS tracking device supplier in Delhi and NCR

To keep up the competency of your organization you need a solid apparatus that can give tight rivalry to your opponents. Our GPS based vehicle tracking devices, gps personal tracker, gps bike tracking device, gps bike tracking system, vehicle tracking system in delhi india, gps tracker for car india, gps navigation device for car, gps tracker for kids and gps personal tracking device with 2-way calling, are one of the basic parts of each business nowadays which watches out for your moving resource. Vehicle robbery is prime worry for each vehicle proprietor. Is there any solution you can keep this hazard for your vehicle? Vehicle tracking device satisfies this necessity.

GPS Car Tracker and Bike Tracking System

GPS car tracking system, gps tracker for car india, gps navigation device for car, vehicle tracking system in delhi and Bike Tracking Device two wheeler gps tracker, gps bike tracking device, gps bike tracking system are the best way these days to keep a track of your vehicle or to protect them and save time. Our devices will never run out of function and will continue to run effectively for years. They are subtle in size also and can be fitted in hidden places of the vehicles. The GPS trackers for Bike and Car are very different from each other. With our tracking solutions, you will able to immobilize your vehicle and make it impossible for the thief to take it further. Moreover, the stolen vehicle of yours can be located and tracked down within hours. Mentioned below are some features of our Car and Bike Tracking Systems:


  • Over speeding Alerts
  • Real-time location alerts of the vehicle
  • Immobilization features that prevents the vehicle from restarting.
  • Instant SMS and Voice Call Alerts
  • GEOfencing option, one can set virtual boundaries for the subject.
  • Route Playback feature that helps in viewing the route traveled by car or bike
  • Real-time tampering alert, if someone tries to tamper the installed GPS system.
GPS Management system is also much helpful

Fleet management tracking benefits

At Smart Safety India, we believe that running a fleet is not an easy task, calling every individual driver in order to check the location of the vehicle is nothing but wastage of time. That’s why we are here to offer and comprehensive and exuberant Fleet Management Solutions which will help one in tracking the location of the vehicles and reduce the operation cost through efficient real-time routing reports. Nowadays GPS vehicle tracking system, two wheeler gps tracker, gps navigation device for car, gps tracker for car, gps bike tracking device and gps bike tracking system is very necessary because smaller Bike and Car is being stolen and GPS tracking Device has the ability to protect your costly Car, bike ,bus, truck or any type of vehicle at Delhi ,Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and all Over India. With high fuel expenses and driver deficiencies, it's presently more imperative than any time in recent memory to enhance the management of your armada so you can bring down operational costs, enhance armada deceivability and driver fulfillment, while following administrative necessities.

Advantages of personal tracking solution

  • maximize the arrival on your speculation
  • maximize driver satisfaction
  • improve fleet fuel management
  • increase gainfulness
  • monitor and maximize vehicle proficiency
  • Over speeding Alerts, undesired driving behavior, and excessive idling alerts.
  • Fleet Dashboard to access the overall fleet information on a single window.
  • Tampering Alerts; in case the device attached to the school bus is tampered with.
  • In case the devices get disconnect from the bus, it has a battery backup of up to 8 long hours.
  • Customizable fleet reports system.
  • Maintenance and fuel cost can be minimized with the help of efficient inbuilt route reporting systems.
  • Geofencing Facility to set predetermined virtual boundaries.
  • Track the location of fleet at the click of a button.
  • Fleet owner can review the performance of the drivers by reviewing their driving habits.
For enterprise use of GPS Tracking devices

Endeavor tracking solution benefits

Increase more noteworthy operational control and streamline conveyance forms dependent on significant knowledge conveyed through enterprise tracking solutions. By successfully checking areas and conditions, you can make operational transparency, enhance client benefit models, and reinforce connections.

Advantages of enterprise tracking solution

  • Real-time tracking
  • improved transport management
  • Real-time observing of transportation resources
  • Better customer service
  • reduce asset downtime and improve productivity
  • Dealing with unanticipated circumstances
For personal use it is also much helpful

Personal GPS tracking Device benefits

On the off chance that you are a parent and always worried about the whereabouts of your kids, you should consider introducing a GPS personal tracking system childsystem. GPS personal tracker and vehicle tracking system can demonstrate gigantically accommodating in tracking the area of a vehicle or a person. With this system, you can without much of a stretch screen the area of your youngsters by knowing where their car is at a given purpose of time with helps of vehicle tracking system in delhi india, gps tracker for car india, gps navigation device for car.

Advantages of gps personal tracker, gps tracker for kids solution

  • protect your elderly loved ones with gps personal tracker and gps tracker for kids
  • protect your teen driver with gps navigation device for car
  • Safety in secluded places
  • monitor the speed furthest reaches of the vehicle with vehicle tracking system in delhi
  • ensure the safety with gps tracker for kids of your kids
For school purpose it is become necessary

School transport tracking system benefits

We believe that protecting the younger generation is highly important and that is the reason we have come up with Tracking Devices that are specially made for tracking the School Buses. With our School Bus Tracking Systems, you can track the location of your child or student with gps navigation device for car while he or she is traveling to school or from school. Instant notification to the mobile phone of the parents as to when their children enter or alight from the bus along with the time and location.Depended with both the safety and training of our youngsters, school administrators looking to all the more viably manage understudy transportation are progressively swinging to GPS tracking systems to help them productively manage bus courses, screen drivers, and guarantee kid safety.

Advantages of GPS school bus tracking

  • improved transport management with gps navigation device
  • Real-time observing of transportation resources
  • Regular observing to anticipate delays in bus landings
  • tracking the stop, speed and inactive condition of buses
  • tracking understudies on board the bus with vehicle tracking system in delhi
  • Dealing with unexpected circumstances
  • Instant notices to guardians/watchmen.
  • Real-time SMS and Voice Call notification to the parents with gps personal tracking device with 2-way calling upon the entry and exit of their children from school bus.
  • In case the devices get disconnect from the bus, it has a battery backup of up to 8 long hours.
  • When the vehicle is due for servicing, you will get a reminder through SMS.
  • Stores retrieval data
  • Tampering Alerts; in case the device attached to the school bus is tampered with.
  • Over Speeding Alerts
  • GEOfencing Option in built with gps tracker for car Bus bike and gps navigation device for all vehicle; one can set virtual boundaries for the bus.

GPRS is general pocket radio service, and GPS is global positioning system both are distinctive terms and both have an altogether different importance. GPRS enables you to transmit information over cell networks and GPS gives you exact area in the names of longitude and scope anyplace and whenever of any person, pet or vehicle. Give me a chance to disclose to you that there are not very many online stages that give an assortment of GPS vehicle tracker Delhi India. What's more, they give such

devices that you can never gripe about them. They plan to set up a benchmark in the business of gps tracker for car, gps navigation device and vehicle tracking system by giving every one of the offices that their clients request.

Utilizing a tracking device gives you end number of advantages. Utilizing a GPS can anticipate wrongdoing by tracking the exercises of the crooks, or they can be gotten effortlessly if their vehicles can be traced and tracked. On the off chance that you are having a transportation business, it can help you in lessening the operational cost and gives you a chance to enhance profitability.

Our GPS tracking devices are beneficial in daily routine life

We giving icatarai and ais 140 endorsedGPS tracking device for bikes, as aadharcard tracking system, GPS locator for cars, personal GPS chips are not offered by each other organization. The reason that their devices work properly and for long time is expected to the expert experts that they have procured to develop these tracking systems. They give a relentless help to their clients.

They convey the best brands to the nation India. Their scope of items incorporate GPS tracker for scooty, vehicle tracker, bike tracking system, and best youngster best child GPS tracking device in India area tracker India and so on it gives a genuine assurance, with online security systems. These tracking systems are developed with the goal that you can take care of the general population or things that you care for.

They can help you in keeping a track of your kin and things and furthermore spare your time and cash both. They are the India’s greatest provider in the chain of wholesalers. The clients are extremely thankful to the person who developed these tracking devices and furthermore to the organization proprietors who move such items at sensible costs and furthermore give after deal services to the clients who are in need.

These online organizations furnish you with the office of tracing and tracking area, individuals and vehicles with the assistance of two wheeler GPS tracker, GPS locators for cars, bicycle tracking systems, and personal GPS chips. Their fundamental intention is to enable you to stay in touch or remain associated with your family and possessions that you care for.

GPS vehicle and personal tracker device
in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad

We are offering all over India service of GPSsystem, GPStracker device for bike car bus truck & all Tipe vehicle. Appeared in the since year 1994 and is one of driving and best most exporters, super merchants of teltonika and iconcox company, wholesalers and retailers of ideal quality rp06 Indian made GPSvehicle tracking system, gt03a GPSpersonal Tracker Device and vehicle tracker, gt300 personal tyke area tracker India, gk309 understudy id card tracker, youngster tracker, rp01, rp06, rp06n tr02, tr06, rp super, gt03a, tk06, tk103, mt200, jm01, rp100, teltonika all GPStracker devices for business vehicle and many greater gear. Our successful item go is comprehensive of GPStracker constant ensuring security web based tracking system and pocket GPS, best kid GPS vehicle trackerdevice in Indiavehicle tracking system programming.

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